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Official declaration: JHD Investment helps Tengfei Technology to strive for further development

Official declaration: JHD Investment helps Tengfei Technology to strive for further development


Official declaration: JHD Investment helps Tengfei Technology to strive for further development

In September 2018, Tengfei Technology introduced JHD Investment (jointly established by JD and Cosmo Lady) as a strategic investor. JHD Investment purchases 10% of Tengfei Technology's shares in cash and becomes the second largest shareholder of Tengfei Technology. JD and Tengfei will use their respective advantages to set up a new joint venture company to jointly develop, design, promote and sell  close-fitting products. For this financing, chairman Tengfei said:As A strategic investor of Tengfei Technology, JHD Investment  can not only provide capital support for Tengfei Technology, but also provide all-round support for the company through its rich channel resources, which is conducive to enhancing Tengfei Technology's market competitiveness.

JHD (dongguan) Equity Investment Management Co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as JHD investment company, is a fashion industry fund founded by China’s leading Internet companies (JD Group) and Cosmo Lady (the leading close-fitting enterprise in China), which is mainly process the investment in the fashion industry. 

Capital Helps the Development of Science and Technology  

Science and Technology Reward the Value Investment

As Tengfei Technology's vision, Tengfei Technology has been committed to the innovation, research and development and introduction of the most cutting-edge technologies. Now we already have owned SensElast, SOLA, LIMAX, FRETCH, SENSEBOND and boby+ technology. The scale of the enterprise has been expanding rapidly, and it has been developing in a diversified  direction from high-end seamless underwear to new materials, clothing, smart sports equipment, furniture and medical equipment . The expansion of multiple fields, the research and development of projects, and the update of technology are all owned to the inexhaustible spirit of innovation.

The wide range of development will enhance the overall anti-risk ability of the company, which will promote the company to develop bigger and stronger.With the help of capital, Tengfei Technology can not only make rapid progress in more application fields, but also promote the continuous innovation and development of enterprise technology, accelerate the diversified development of enterprises, and provide better products and services for the future upgrading market. The introduction of JHD Investmet as a strategic investor will certainly make Tengfei Technology's future more imaginative.

Capital assistance has been a normal state of society, and it is necessary  for the social development. Only by mutual complementarity  can help the rapid progress of science and technology, and the progress of society, which will undeniable benefits for the development of society and human beings.

Finally, we firmly believe that the future of JHD  Investment and Tengfei Technology will be more brilliant with this cooperation. 

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