Tengfei Technology Co.,Ltd is a group enterprise driven by technology innovation and applications, adhering to R&D and innovation.

How long it will take for ODM processing?
It depends. Please consult with our Customer Support about specifics. We've got the experience, ability, and R&D tools to earn any ODM integration a glowing success! We will work till all original layout requirements are satisfied, and the product performs precisely to your expectations.
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High-quality seamless activewear is one of the reason that makes Tengfei Technology Co., Ltd. prosperous. We will show you the seam free shapewear series that is most popular with customers. The quality inspection of Tengfei Technology seamless underwear is carried out at key points in the production process to ensure quality: after completion of the inner spring, before closing and before packaging. The integrity, strength and product quality of Tengfei Technology have been recognized by the industry.
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Customer-orientation is our first and foremost principle. We think locally with regard to our clients' market conditions so as to produce distinctive products that appeal to local tastes.

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