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Body shaping products can rebuild and reshape body curves to help women sculpt beautiful bodies. Tengfei use the latest technology in the chest, waist and hips of female body products , pressure but not strangle, with the most comfortable way to shape.

Tengfei Technology Co.,Ltd. is a Manufacturing body shaper company dedicated to providing shapewear for women, SensElast 3D gymwear for customers. According to the material, Tengfei's body shaper products are divided into several categories, and seam free shapewear is one of them.Well-chosen in material, fine in workmanship, excellent in quality and favorable in price, Tengfei's SensElast 3D gymwear is highly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.Tengfei has built a comprehensive service model with advanced concepts and high standards, so as to provide systematic, efficient and complete services for consumers.

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