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Summer swimsuit purchase should master these tips Tengfei Technology

by:Tengfei     2023-01-20
In summer, girls are bound to ask their girlfriends to go swimming or play in the water, so swimsuits are a must, but many queens worry that wearing swimsuits will easily expose their shortcomings. So how to choose a swimsuit that is thin and skinny? Today I want to teach you! [1] The design of the chest makes it inevitable that the plump girl's chest will be a little thinner than the swimsuit. After all, everyone likes a curvaceous and sexy body. Then remember to choose a chest design, such as pleats, lace, ruffles, etc., which have a good style of enhancing the effect of appetite, and can also enhance the overall shape and texture. A little sexy dress, suitable for girls with small breasts. The pleated design developed on the front end of the top makes the chest look more rounded and textured, fresh and natural. [2] Set of swimsuits to change the arm line In recent years, there have been more and more styles of swimsuits. Look traditional, but trendy and sporty swimsuits are also on fire. In addition to the sun protection function, they also create weapons for slim arms. In addition to this kind of loose swimsuit, there are similarities, both safety and fashion sense. If you are not a cute little sexy swimsuit, this sports series swimsuit is very suitable for you. Don’t look confused, but slender, with slender arms, and at the same time play the effect of sunscreen and isolation, there is no need to worry about little embarrassment , Moisture-proof and breathable performance is very strong. [3] The design of the tall figure changes the figure curve. Some girls may have a thin body, with a small abdomen and fat in the abdomen, so you must prepare to match the design with high-waisted pants, which can not only cover the belly of the swimsuit, but also lengthen the lower body proportion. It doesn't matter if you have a little pot or a little girl, you can be pink! In order to cover the tall figure of the small belly, this kind of collapsed high-waisted swimsuit covers the abdomen, slender, tall, simple but not simple design, creating a sense of fashion. 【4】Sewing swimsuits and flexing and stretching legs. Ladies be sure to watch here. The most important thing for a little girl to love is how to dress tall. The same goes for swimsuits really. Remember to choose the split design on the long skirt, which shows your thighs, which can lengthen the proportion of the lower body. Or the cutouts on either side of the belly that can reveal a thinner part and change the belly and belly lines There are a lot of swimsuits with separate designs, but I still find one that fits everyone. The shining point of this swimsuit is that the long skirt on the lower body swims, and the proportion of the lower body can be lengthened. From the root of the thigh to the size you want, the separated design has long legs!
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