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Which is the best seamless underwear factory? Hangzhou customers choose tengfeineiyi

by:Tengfei     2022-09-07
Which is the best seamless seamless underwear manufacturer factory? Customer word of mouth and trust is the most powerful proof! Hangzhou customer processing a new seamless underwear factory women's underwear, reconfirmed or choose tengfei. tengfei has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years!

Ms. Wu, a customer from Hangzhou, has been engaged in the seamless underwear trade for many years, and she has a unique vision. By chance, she found a pair of seamless underwear women's underwear at a friend's house. The style is relatively simple, but it feels very good to the touch. After inquiring, it turns out that the customer bought it in a foreign market. It is very suitable for pregnant women to wear in summer. It is thin, comfortable, and has excellent drying effects.

With her years of intuition about seamless underwear, Miss Wu feels that this seamless underwear should be processed and produced by a new material, and it should be good if it is promoted to the market! After a lot of inquiries, she found out that this seamless underwear is indeed made of yarn of a new material and contains silver through professional testing by a friend. After inquiring from various parties, I learned that the material used in this seamless seamless underwear manufacturer was provided by a yarn factory in Qingdao.

However, the yarn is very special, the thread is thin and brittle, and the general seamless knitting machine cannot be produced, and the improper operation of the seamless underwear factory can easily lead to broken needles and broken threads. Ms. Wu also inquired many ways to find manufacturers. She has also found seamless underwear factories in Hangzhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou for trial processing. However, because it is a new type of material, these seamless underwear manufacturers cannot control the use of these materials, all because they are broken. A broken needle cannot make a complete seamless underwear.

Miss Wu also heard that there are many manufacturers of seamless underwear in Jiangsu, but I don't know how strong they are. Later, he searched the Internet with the attitude of giving it a try.“seamless underwear factory”, I found a few, and through communication and comparison, I think our tengfei is still good.

After further communication with the customer service staff of tengfei seamless seamless underwear manufacturer factory, Miss Wu took a few pictures of the sample clothes. The customer service staff preliminarily judged that we can produce it, and then gave it to the senior designer of Tengfei Seamless Factory, Mr. Li, to further confirm that it can be done. It is recommended that customers send samples.

After getting the samples, Mr. Li, the designer of the seamless underwear factory, took a serious look at the samples, and it was indeed different from the seamless underwear that we routinely produce and process. Customer Miss Wu also told us that the price of this new type of material is more expensive, more than 1,000 yuan per kilogram, and the customer is very worried that the factory cannot make it.

To be on the safe side, Mr. Li, the designer of the seamless underwear factory, gave a suggestion that customers can buy about 0.2 kilograms of yarn from the manufacturer first. Let's test it first to ensure that our factory can produce it. Li said confidently that the new type of yarn used in this seamless underwear must be determined by the experience of the old master for many years. There are thousands of kinds of yarns, different ratios, different materials, etc., basically all of them have been done. If we can't do it, few of the seamless underwear factories in Jiangsu can do it.

After the customer's yarn was sent, the designer of the seamless underwear factory, Mr. Li, the knitting machine operator and the mechanic, Wang Gong's repeated tests and various debugging, the problem of broken needles and money was quickly solved, and told the customer that this new type of material is indeed relatively brittle , then the knitting machine should grasp the speed of the machine during the operation, and at the same time change the needle in time. And let customers formally send yarn proofing. Customers are also very satisfied with the samples made.

The customer decided to make 500 pieces immediately in advance! The client also stated:“Which is the best seamless underwear factory? I just believe in tengfeineiyi!”

tengfeineiyi“tengfei”——Jinhua famous trademark!

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