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Efficacy sharing of body shaping underwear in beauty salons_News_Tengfei Technology

by:Tengfei     2023-01-20
Beauty Salon Lingerie Bra: Creates a beautiful bust contour. (1) Shoulder straps: Soft shoulder straps that do not cause discomfort to the shoulders; (2) Steel wires: Equipped with steel wires that have an excellent chest position; (3) Base: Sophisticated cutting technology enables the base part to fit just right Attaches to the human body, and the back part will not slide upward; (4) Hook base: the back is suede-treated, using comfortable fabric; (5) Hook: durable, not easy to dehook; (6) Side cutting: properly cut, Swimsuit manufacturers make the soft tissues on both sides of the breasts naturally lean towards the center. Underwear for beauty salons: It can raise the position of the buttocks to an ideal height, make it appear round and plump, and beautify the shape of the thighs. Underwear Waist Clip in Beauty Salon: Make the waist line to raise the waist, correct posture and control stomach and abdominal fat. (1) The sixth-generation memory alloy strips with different lengths make the waist shape more beautiful and more comfortable to wear; (2) Non-parallel multi-piece cutting makes the wearing more comfortable; (3) Double-layer cutting on the waist makes it more prominent Waist curve; (4) The design of the front non-stretching cloth can more effectively control the fat in the stomach and abdomen.
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