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Sportswear manufacturers' secret 'payment to delivery' has become the new normal

by:Tengfei     2022-08-24
tengfei technologyhas been a seamless underwear and sportswear manufacturer for 17 years, processing and producing all kinds of seamless knitted women's seamless underwear manufacturer and sportswear. In the underwear and sportswear processing industry, it has always been popular“Pay Now”The unspoken rules of the industry, especially some sportswear local agents, because they control the sales link of the market, so many times, some sportswear manufacturers can only“swallow your breath”. However, as the business becomes more and more difficult to do, or some sportswear dealers become bigger and bigger, the arrears are also increasing. When it’s time to collect the bill, it is a big problem. Nowadays, production is difficult, and the profits of sportswear manufacturers are getting thinner and thinner. Some sportswear orders would rather not be made, and the factory is no longer willing to deliver goods in arrears.“payment to delivery”It has become the new normal!

This slight talk also reflects that the entire underwear and sportswear processing industry is undergoing changes. In the past, underwear, sportswear products and market sales were the mainstays, but now the market is more about products + services.

Why is the unspoken market rule that everyone used to get the goods first and then pay more and more unacceptable to sportswear manufacturers? There are several main reasons:

1. It is difficult to collect payment!

I believe that many sportswear manufacturers have encountered them. It is easy to say when they owe money, but it is even more difficult to meet the agreed collection date. Many customers still run away, resulting in a large number of dead debts in the factory.

2. Factory profits are getting thinner and thinner!

In the past few years, everyone has a deep understanding of the strong industry. The profits of the entire underwear and sportswear processing industry are getting thinner and thinner, while the cost of raw materials is getting higher and higher. The entire sportswear processing industry has entered the era of meager profits and small profits. , so the factory is also quite cautious, thinking that once you owe money, the factory may pay interest and the profit will be zero.

In fact, the new trend of cash on delivery today is actually very beneficial to factories and customers.

Think about it, some agents and distributors will be very cautious about the category and quantity when purchasing and ordering, and will not purchase randomly.

Secondly, the delivery of goods on arrival will also make some sportswear and underwear dealers more attentive to sell products. For example: If it rains tonight, we will go to the movie tickets bought for 100 yuan. If the movie tickets are so heavy, we don’t want to go, because those who don’t pay often don’t care.

Another point, payment on delivery also allows customers to get better service, VIP service. In our tengfei, we always insist on maintaining a close partnership with our customers, and we are also friends. In fact, looking at the reality, those customers who make cash are the most cherished customers of the sportswear factory, and the factory is also willing to retain customers with the greatest sincerity and after-sales service.

Another point, many of our sportswear factories have encountered, how many cooperative relationships have changed from the initial politeness, understanding, support, and trust to the final bill collection, dragging the bill, hiding the bill, turning over the face, scolding, and causing a lawsuit. In fact, this is also the beginning of the factory's credit for offending customers and laying the groundwork for losing customers in the future.

Therefore, customers looking for sportswear manufacturers should also support payment on delivery based on the willingness of mutual trust and cooperation. Then sportswear manufacturers should also stick to their bottom lines and principles, so as not to end up with both money and manpower.


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