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Tengfei Technology and XXX, a Canadian head underwear brand, care for women's health.

Tengfei Technology and XXX, a Canadian head underwear brand, care for women's health.


With the development of society, the awareness of the rise of feminism has brought more diversified cutting-edge underwear brands. Before 2014, underwire bras decorated with lace were the mainstream in the market; Now, lingerie brands are becoming more inclusive, paying more attention to women's everyday experiences.


As for underwear, functionality and comfort only meet women's basic needs, and more importantly, the appeal of self-expression. Women no longer seek to please men "sexy", but focus on the female self, through the underwear to express the attitude of true self. XXX Wear is a Canadian women's lingerie brand. Its products emphasize comfort and inclusion. Its products cover underwear, bra, vest, T-shirt and home wear, including underwire bra, sports underwear, shapewear, maternity underwear and other innovative products. XXX also has patents on absorbent leak-proof fabrics that could be used in menstrual underwear instead of tampons or pads. However, Tengfei has focused on the ODM field of underwear and sportswear for 25 years, driven by technological innovation and caring for women's beauty with technology, and XXX's concept coincides with that of Tengfei.

XXX Wear and its teen label Kt by XXX offer a wide range of close-fitting clothing, especially in the growing leak-proof segment. The company mainly sells products through D2C direct sales mode. Currently, it has opened 6 offline retail stores, and has established a strong influence in the United States and Canada. XXX Wear net sales increased 97% year-over-year to C $133.6 million (US $100 million) in 2021.


To be recognized by a brand that can improve the lives of customers and have a positive impact on the community served by the brand, it is not only the fabric and style, but also how to conform to the principle of female body function and strength, and has no impact on the environment. Tengfei Technology, with GRS international environmental protection certification, not only focuses on its own technology patent research and development, in the development and application of new materials always uphold the concept of resource regeneration and recycling. At present, Tengfei Technology has SensElast, 3D SensElast, Limax, BODY+, SOLA and SKINFOAM and other technologies from sewing, fitting and printing, from mold cup to garment, from accessories to finished products. Tengfei Technology includes the whole industrial chain technology can undertake all kinds of underwear, small pants, functional shapewear, flexible smart wear clothing and so on.

In the future, Tengfei will continue to use its own advantages, attentively serve every customer, create more products in line with consumption upgrading, do the industry leader.

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