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TENGFEI Technology has teamed up with XXX to create All sizes products for women

TENGFEI Technology has teamed up with XXX to create All sizes products for women


Formed as a joint venture between Rihanna and venture-backed fashion platform Techstyle fashion Group, XXX launched its first collection in May 2018, which includes a wide range of lingerie products including bras, jumpsuits, corsets, tulle jumpsuits, gowns, accessories, and more. In 2019, after ending the partnership with the platform, it will break away and develop independently. According to Forbes, the brand has posted compound annual growth rates of more than 150% each year through January 2022.


With the slogan "All shapes, All sizes" and sizes from XS to 3XL, the brand caters for all shapes and sizes, and most of its advertising features models with less perfect bodies, but more like ordinary people. Such a diverse and inclusive brand concept, coupled with Rihanna's own celebrity, has made the brand even more popular.


The brand is dedicated to providing comfortable underwear for consumers of all shapes and genders, advocating the elimination of women's body shame, encouraging different personalities, and enriching the definition of beauty. This brand concept is exactly in line with female consumers' demand for "self-pleasing". In line with the philosophy of "technology care for beauty" of Tengfei Technology, the two sides reached a cooperation in 2022 to carry out in-depth application of SensElast technology and bring more sizes of comfortable underwear to consumers.

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