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Recently, on the basis of product applications, Tengfei Technology has continuously launched the new products series of the 2022 spring and summer "Breath of Nature" through independent research and development. Soft fabrics set out a very retro style detail.

This new product continues to maintain the minimalist and comfortable style of Tengfei Technology, focusing on women's spring and summer comfortable trace series.


Light and light fabrics such as tulle, mesh, and lace are indispensable elements in spring and summer products. The use of SenseLast technology to give underwear fabric more possibilities.


The classic extension mechanics series, plus the line embellishment, takes into account comfortable support and stunning appearance.


Adhering to the corporate mission of "technology care for beauty", tengfei technology Co., LTD. The perfect integration of new materials and innovative processes provides users with a brand new seamless conversion technology, and is committed to creating more in line with future consumption upgrade upgrade High -end smart products, focus on using various innovative underwear products to create a beautiful dressing experience for consumers.

In the future, Tengfei Temnology will continue to grasp the industry's dynamics, actively develop new products, and apply innovative technology to more product categories. Friends who are interested in new products are welcome to come and discuss.

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