Tengfei group focus on Seamless Underwear technological innovation and application.

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Tengfei Underwear Black Technology

Tengfei Underwear Black Technology


Tengfei Technology Co.,Ltd. is a globally leading commercial application oriented intelligent enterprise driven by technological innovation. The technological underwear business division focuses on the R&D and production of seamless and soft support underwear, committed to providing comfortable functional under-wear for women worldwide. The product categories include technological and functional clothing.such as Everyday bra, shaperwear, sports bra, yoga clothing, and compression clothing.

        At present, Tengfei has four major research and development centers and seven major production bases worldwide, empowering global brands.With 27 years development, Tengfei Technology has focused on technological research and development, and has formed 8 major technological ecological chains,including SensElast, 3D SensElast, and LlMAX , which are mainly applied in the technological underwear and technological sports sectors.

SensElast is a printing technique used on any kinds of fabrics with special liquid silicone, and has different functions according to different printing positions and patterns.Mainly used in underwear,corset,shaping pants, etc.With local printing technique according to human mechanics, To achieve good supporting effects,flexible shaping and slimming,without any tension,the one-piece products are seamless,beautiful and comfortable.

The integration of 3D SensElast and 3D printing technology can perfectly replace traditional materials such as elastic, wires and stabilizer mesh,it can be printed on any parts according to ergonomics, with soft shaping,strong support,ultra three-dimensional,washable and excellent recovery function.

LIMAX is a semi water-soluble silicone printing technology that is printed on knitted fabrics to provide support. With this technology, the fabric physical character-istic undergoes a rational change in force value, enhancing the fabric's support and stretch strength. The recovery improve by 10%, and the human body pressure value increased by0.4-4Mpa,the fabric can be applied to clothing,it not only has decorative and aesthetic effects, but also has auxiliary functions such as support,compression,and functional stretching protection for the human body.

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