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TENGFEI Technology helps XXX disrupt the shapewear market

TENGFEI Technology helps XXX disrupt the shapewear market


XXX is born for demand. Founder Betsie Larkin, a former singer/actress, wanted to come on stage feeling comfortable. To do so, she wears shapewear under her coat, but unfortunately, she can never find the right product. To meet this need, she made her first shapewear product and quickly gained fame.


XXX was founded in 2018 and is based in Los Angeles, California, specializing in women's products. In pursuit of comfort, effect and fashion, all products are designed by ourselves and tried on by real people to ensure the best quality and performance. They have completely subverted the shapewear market with the excellent design that sets off the body curves. XXX sells direct shapewear, tank tops, halter tops, underwear and other products to the U.S. and international markets through its website.


XXX pioneered a line of shapewear for American women (including large figures), giving traditional shapewear a modern twist. In research prior to launching Honey Love, founder Larkin identified two major problems with shapewear: the first was its tendency to focus, which led to constant readjustings, and the second was its tendency to make everything flat, even the curves people wanted to show off. Honey Love uses support structures on the seam sides of the garment, similar to the glue bones used in old corsets, and wraps these structures in soft protective fabric, an improvement that ensures the garment doesn't wrap around the legs or waist for a soft support and no-pressure molding effect.


XXX encourages women of all sizes to dress with confidence. Selling a plus-size corset puts less emphasis on curves and thinness and more on the confidence to pull off every figure. XXX's three service principles are:



Each product is rigorously tested for 1-2 years before it is launched, allowing women to gain more confidence from their clothing.



Spend a lot of time sourcing the softest, most durable and high-performance fabrics to make consumers more comfortable to wear.


Multiple sizes

XXX strives to serve as many different shapes and sizes of women as possible so that everyone can find their own perfect body.


This coincides with the concept of "technology care for beauty" of Tengfei Technology. We hope to bring women more comfortable shaping products. We use SensElast, 3D SensElast, Limax, BODY+, SOLA, SKINFOAM and other technologies to endow products with more functions. With GRS international environmental protection certification, we are committed to the research and development of innovative environmental protection materials. In the future, Tengfei Technology will continue to maintain technological innovation, product research and development, as well as environmental protection materials research and development, to achieve ODM services for different brands and various categories of products.

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