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Tengfei Technology SOLA technology breaks through the limit of fiber to bloom new vitality and compose quality legend

Tengfei Technology SOLA technology breaks through the limit of fiber to bloom new vitality and compose quality legend


Tengfei Technology SOLA technology breaks through the limit of fiber to bloom new vitality and compose quality legend

Tengfei Technology, 20 years since its establishment,  is a leading domestic R&D supplier of fiber material. Adhering to the development concept of "innovation, science and technology, intelligence, function and quality", leading the industry trend and enhancing the value for customers, it is the first choice for dozens of well-known brands to cooperate.

In 2008, Tengfei Technology successfully developed SOLA bionic technology, which combined the polyester fiber PDO with the unique swing weaving process, successfully created A new era of materials, solved the existing problems and pain points in the industry, and achieved revolutionary results in human health development.

Polyester fiber PDO is a special kind of material that is born to replace the existence of sponges. Compared with polyurethane (pu) sponge, it is more comfortable and healthier to human body. In the field of underwear cups, furniture, the seats of high speed trains, soundproof cotton, cotton for medical use, makeup cotton etc. they have achieved considerable success and positive evaluation.

However, researchers of Tengfei Technology did not stop the pace of continuous research and development. After years of scientific research and improvement, they found that its performance could be more precise.

In the workmanship  and raw materials;Tengfei Technology researchers have made a variety of possible adjustments since 2008, hoping to improve the cup’s collapse problem after washing, which has been the pain point of all underwear enterprises.

Break through the fiber limit

After ten years of technical innovation, Tengfei Technology researchers successfully found the reason of fiber cup washing collapse problem . After 25 times of washing, the shrinkage rate can still be controlled between 0.2% and 0.3%. This test result has obviously broken through the limit of fiber.

The success of the experiment, not only proved Tengfei’s strong strength, but also once again established Tengfei Technology’s position in the fiber cup raw material industry. It also opens the door to the field of SOLA .

SOLA polymer fiber will become a new generation of raw materials used in the underwear industry. This also confirmed that the new era of fiber cup raw materials is about to start!

◆◆The New Vitality of Polyester◆◆

Environmental    Regeneration

· in the high-intensity UV accelerated aging test, The random samples does not turn yellow after hundreds of hours of exposure. This is also attributed to the unicase-based polymer stabilization system adopted by SOLA, with stable performance;it is not easy to oxidate and can be recycled and reused.

Super breathable    Quick-drying    Easy to wash

· due to its unique "swing" weaving technology, the six-prism structure of upright cotton is manufactured with high air permeability, which can reach 2442MM/S. Different from the compact structure of foam, the new polyester fiber can pass through the air and water, after washing and shaking, which will dry faster and is not easy to breed bacterium.

100% physical process

· unlike the foam of polyurethane (pu) sponge, SOLA polymer fiber is 100% physical process without any chemical added.

Strong support

· SOLA polymer fiber not only has a soft touch, but also has a high resilience, which can strongly support the breast  and is deeply loved by women.


1.Non-toxic and environment-friendly

Pure fiber products, harmless to the body, health and environmental protection; no water waste environmental pollution.


Unicasde-stabilized polymer system, with stable performance 


Under the same performance conditions, the weight is only one third of that of polyurethane (pu) sponge.

4."Three high" performance

95% high resilience comparable to polyurethane (pu) sponge; High permeability and ventilation; High water permeability .


The characteristics of the fiber material itself determine that it has a strong expansion performance, According to the product needs,we can change the material formula by adding a variety of functional fibers to increase the functionality of the product, such as protein fiber, hemp.

6.Wash performance

After up to 25 times of washing, the shrinkage rate was controlled between 0.2% and 0.3%, which was much higher than other enterprises.

7.Resistance to yellow

Unique fiber structure, uv light can easily go through, layers of ventilation, not easy to breed bacteria, high yellow resistance.


Tengfei Technology's SOLA will not only be applied in the underwear industry, but also in the household products . It will be a remarkable change in the application of household mattresses, pillows and clothes. SOLA will become one of the most excellent materials to replace polyurethane (pu) sponge, benefiting society and mankind.

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