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Tengfei information Tengfei Technology&Decathlon,The long Cooperation Proves Each Other's Strength

Tengfei information Tengfei Technology&Decathlon,The long Cooperation Proves Each Other's Strength


Decathlon as a global sporting goods retailer originated in France, the position in the industry is self-evident. Tengfei has maintained a long-term strategic partnership with decathlon, which shows that Tengfei Technology's strength is not to be underestimated.

In November 2018, decathlon's senior engineers and buyers visited our Tengfei manufacturing plants in hengyang.

General Manager Mei of Tengfei Technology welcomed decathlon customers personally, and took the customer to visit the Hengyang Tengfei Underwear co., LTD.

Decathlon customers have learned about the warehouse's RFID intelligent system, pressure film area, sewing  department, production line, automatic labeling machine, automatic point ironing machine and automatic template mark machine, etc..

In addition to the machines visited above, Tengfei also vigorously introduced automatic lock ring, automatic sewing, automatic cloth pulling machine, ultrasonic, cutting machine, four needles and six threads, seamless and other equipment, greatly improving the production efficiency, has won the unanimous praise from Decathlon customers.

Hengyang Tengfei technology has been established for nearly six years, specialized in providing product processing services for Decathlon. This visit is not only a friendly exchange, but also an exchange meeting of Tengfei technology to show decathlon its plans for the next three years. In the plan of Tengfei in the next three years, Hengyang Tengfei and Hunan Tengfei Dingdang cat clothing co., ltd. plans to expand to 48 production lines in 2019, including 24 underwear production lines, 8 swimsuit production lines, 8 coat production lines, 4 seamless product production lines, and 4  four needle six threads (coat production line) .

Hunan Tengfei Dingdang cat clothing co., LTD has opened 8 fully automatic hanging production workshops. The use of automatic suspension reduces the time for staff to move materials and finished products, and improves the production efficiency by up to 42%. The seamless production workshop to be started is now fully equipped. It is planned to introduce the production of seamless products at the beginning of this year.

Finally, decathlon customers and the relevant senior manager from  hengyang tengfei and hunan tengfei dingdang cat clothing co., ltd. held a summary meeting. Decathlon spoke highly of tengfei as a whole, and appreciated the introduction of automation and intelligent equipment that exceeded customers' expectations. And said that the long-term cooperation, trust continued to sublimate!

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