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Let TengFei Technology SensElast® patented technology to innovate your shapewear

Let TengFei Technology SensElast® patented technology to innovate your shapewear


In recent years, the global body shaping underwear industry has developed rapidly, and industry demand has grown rapidly, but for many female consumers, finding the right shapewear is not easy.


Most of the shapewear on the market is made of strong elastic fiber materials or chemical fiber fabrics, which are often not easy to breathe and excessively restrain the body. With multiple demand dimensions such as comfort, support and aesthetics, products on the market are still difficult to provide The ideal solution.


As a breakthrough innovation of Ascendas Technology, SensElast® technology is bringing changes to this situation. This patent can provide superior stretch recovery performance. This technology was first used for medical fixation and later developed into the field of clothing.


In 2013, TengFei Technology introduced SensElast® technology, using special printing layer glue and flocking technology, which perfectly replaced traditional rubber bands, steel rings, shaped yarns, stretch frames, etc. Appropriate support can be provided on the waist, buttocks and other required parts.


SensElast® technology can provide ultra-high resilience and flexible support, guarantee continuous pressure and better stability, reduce the feeling of pressure, so it is flexibly applied to the shapewear, so that the pressure area can not only have the necessary support and plastic Shape function, as well as pattern decoration function, this unique design element brings more creative possibilities for body sculpting products.



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