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TengFei Technology Co.,Ltd. LIMAX® 3D technology

TengFei Technology Co.,Ltd. LIMAX® 3D technology


Sports leggings are not just pants worn by sports, they have now become an indispensable element in the matching of fashionistas, but this cannot be used as a reason to weaken its functionality. A pair of excellent sports leggings must be functional and beautiful, and at the same time have the comfort of wearing. It can create a richer wearing body for consumers, so that it can accumulate advantages for the brand and the manufacturer and stand firm in the trousers industry!


Limax® 3D technology is a patented technology that TengFei Technology Co.,Ltd. has studied with great concentration for decades. It provides strong muscle mechanical support through a seamless process and provides certain sports protection.


The trousers using LIMAX® 3D technology enhance the elasticity and resilience of the original fabric, and easily fit the human skin. According to the strength of the human body, it gently and powerfully supports the human muscles without tightness, creating a relaxed and comfortable exercise function Wearing experience.


LIMAX® 3D instant recovery function:

Well received by the brand, Limax® 3D technology is applied to the outer side of the garment, through its own unique material properties to change the stretch recovery of the garment, expand according to different body sizes, and instantly restore the wrapped muscles.


LIMAX® 3D powerful shaping:

Through the control of specific programs and the principles of ergonomics, the 3D printing process is adjusted on the fabric to realize that each printing area is independent, and each area presents different pressures on the muscles, which brings more freedom to the design And creativity, so as to realize the support and shaping function of the human body with different strength.


LIMAX® 3D sports support:

The durability of exercise depends on the comfortable experience and results in exercise. Limax® 3D technology supports different muscles of different parts through independent printing areas. It adopts the principle of multi-stage partial pressure design. It effectively supports muscles and improves the efficiency and durability of exercise.


Limax® 3D technology was officially launched in January 2018. It is the first technology to print flexible 3D on pants in China, and it has been favored by mainstream brands such as underwear and sports worldwide. At the same time, Limax® 3D technology is still being improved and developed, and the categories of services are also increasing. In the future, we will continue to introduce iterative technologies and new categories of products to meet market needs and bring more to cooperative companies Differentiated products.


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