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Technology Introduction丨Skinfoam, Exploring The Possibilities Of Infinite Softness

Technology Introduction丨Skinfoam, Exploring The Possibilities Of Infinite Softness


Since its establishment in 1997, TENGFEI Technology has gone through 24 years. We have been committed to "using technology to care for beauty", exploring the possibility of combining Ascendas technology with more fields, and providing consumers with more efficient, more comfortable and better experience clothing.


SKINFOAM is a new material technology developed by TENGFEI Technology since 2008, and it has been upgraded to 5+. Has invention-level manufacturing patents. It can be a perfect substitute for PU sponge cups and completely solve the problems of sponge deformation, hardening, collapse, yellowing, air tightness and other industry problems. It is widely used in women's underwear mold cups, medical cotton, baby products, furniture, high-speed rail seats and other fields, and is favored by many underwear brands.


Five major technological breakthroughs, making health infinitely possible

Feel like clouds, super soft

Not deformed

Breathable, water-permeable and quick-drying


Anti-yellowing and anti-smoke


Currently, TENGFEI Technology is recruiting partners for SKINFOAM mould cup underwear around the world. If you are interested in SKINFOAM mould cup underwear, please leave us a message for consultation.



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