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Meet Tengfei to foresee the future---The 2019 supplier conference of Tengfei Technology was successfully completed

Meet Tengfei to foresee the future---The 2019 supplier conference of Tengfei Technology was successfully completed


In order to further strengthen the cooperation with suppliers, strengthen the construction of the supply chain of tengfei technology co., LTD., and promote the win-win mode of supply and demand cooperation. At 10:00 am on January 10th, our company held a supplier conference with the theme of "meet tengfei and foresee the future" in kunshan golden eagle hotel.

The invited participants are all leaders from manufacturers across the country, gathered in kunshan to discuss the supply and marketing model of tengfei technology in 2019.  

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Zhang fei, general manager of tengfei technology kunshan factory, summarized the procurement data of tengfei technology in 2018, and made further analysis on the supply chain in market development, product research and development, cost control, quality management and other aspects.

Then we gave an award to the suppliers who have made outstanding contributions to the development of 23 suppliers in this year.

Ms. Zhang liying, executive vice President of tengfei technology, delivered a speech on "future and development direction of supply chain" as a representative of the enterprise. Break down the supply and demand for tengfei technology in 2019. Provide the basis for suppliers to quickly provide innovative, high-quality, high-priced materials.

As a cooperative relationship, both suppliers and manufacturers have a bright prospect for the future. The running in, adaptation, understanding and support in cooperation are the lifeblood of the two enterprises, and many enterprises are trying to find such a balance point.

At this meeting, we invited professor yu yanping from the school of DONGHUA University College of Textiles to give us a wonderful speech on "creating supply chain ecology with r&d as the link", which helped us find the right position, grasp the scale and balance the winning points in the supply chain relationship.

We are also very honored to invite our partner Mr. Chen to express his views on the supply chain @ new era.

Finally, Mr. Mei xianming, chairman of tengfei technology, made his own core points about the trend in 2019, which can be said to be deeply popular.

Mr. Mei's speech is also a solid point: a thinking company will not blindly move forward, every step will leave a solid footprint. Tengfei technology under the leadership of mei dong, seriously out of their every step. So, believe the future of tengfei technology will be more brilliant.

Finally, Tengfei technology for you to bring a rich dinner!

The era of going it alone has passed, and the concept of win-win cooperation and coordinated development has been accepted by more and more enterprises. Tengfei technology and all suppliers are symbiotic and co-prosperity. Tengfei science and technology co., ltd. is willing to cooperate with all old and new enterprises to meet the challenges of the market.

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