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Tengfei Information|Tengfei Technology  Authorized Seasunsports,Empowering the products, technology driving industry

As a clothing technology industry leader, Tengfei Technology has owned the enviable garments empowering technology. 20 years since its establishment, the road to success is obvious to all, which has a lot to do with the company's good business philosophy.

Tengfei technology has always put the development of the industry in the first place. Tengfei knows that only the good development of the industry can drive the development of enterprises, and the development of enterprises can promote the progress of the industry. The two complement each other and cannot be separated!

Today, Tengfei technology and the Seasunsports movement signed a long-term licensing agreement. License the use of two important technologies, "SensElast" and "LIMAX", to Seasunsports co., LTD.

Yangzhou sensunsports co., LTD was established in 2005, focusing on the development and production of swimsuit and sportswear. It is one of the best swimwear manufacturers in China.

It is also a supplier to many of the world's leading retailers. These brands include MONSOON&ACCESSORIZES,   ---a famous European young fashion brand, Triumph---a famous German underwear brand, River Island---a British high street brand, TESCO---supermarket in England, and HUNKERMOLLER--- a leading underwear company in the Netherlands.

Design is the soul of a successful clothing company, and sensunsports is such a company that focuses on design and quality.

Of course, with the continuous progress of The Times, the empowerment of clothing is fresh and practical for customers. That's why Seasunsports is willing to cooperate with Tengfei.

In this cooperation, Tengfei split the technology from the product, providing technical support for Seasunsports. It is hoped that the sharing of resources can further promote the application of "SensElast" and "LIMAX" technology, so that more consumers can benefit from the technology, and it is also the progress of the whole textile industry.

After signing the contract, we had a small interview with manager Zhang of Seasunsports.

Zhang said that the connection between sensunsports and Tengfei was originated from an exhibition this year. She was deeply moved by May's speech and was amazed that the traditional garment industry can be transformed to the technology field. She knew the empowering garments will be the trend of future. And at the same time, technology and good appearance should be balanced. 

Indeed, if the industry wants to progress, it must break away from the tradition. Customers  must like something fresh, practical and interesting . They won’t pay for nostalgia anymore.

Speaking of this, you maybe wonder: will Tengfei’s authorization affect its own interests? 

Tengfei grants the technology to Seasunsports and turns the competitive relationship into A cooperative relationship. When both sides have stable customer groups, they should cooperate and develop a win-win model by constantly updating  and developing new industrial chains. Why not!

Tengfei and Seasunsports choose each other through the recognition of technology and become the most trusted partners! In the future, "SensElast" and "limax" will go further! Because, the trend of technology is unstoppable!

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