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Using Tengfei Technology's Senselast® Printing Technology To Revolutionize The Field Of Shapewear

Using Tengfei Technology's Senselast® Printing Technology To Revolutionize The Field Of Shapewear


In recent years, the body sculpting and body sculpting underwear industry has developed rapidly, and consumer demand has risen rapidly. China is one of the fastest growing regions in the world's body sculpting and body sculpting underwear industry. However, for many female consumers, it is not easy to find the right shapewear.


Most ladies shapewear on the market is made of strong elastic fiber materials or chemical fiber fabrics, which are often not easily breathable and excessively restrain the body. Under the multiple demand dimensions of comfort, support and aesthetics, the products on the market are still difficult to provide. Ideal solution.


As a breakthrough innovation of TengFei Technology, SensElast® technology has changed this situation, providing superior stretch recovery performance. This technology was first used for medical fixation, and Tengfei Technology has developed it into the field of clothing, which perfectly replaces the traditional rubber bands, steel rings, rubber bones, pull frames, etc., and provides appropriate support for the waist, buttocks and other required parts.


SensElast® technology provides ultra-high resilience and flexible support, ensures continuous pressure and better stability, and reduces the sense of oppression when wearing. It is the only technical choice to solve the problem of many dividing lines and complicated surface accessories for shapewear. Mesh can achieve body sculpting function, and the use of elastic fabrics will be even better.


SensElast® technology is flexibly applied to the female body shaper, so that the pressure area can not only have the proper support and shaping function, but also the three-dimensional decoration function. This unique design element brings more creative possibilities to body shaping products. .




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