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Four rules of breast maintenance for women in summer

by:Tengfei     2023-01-20
In summer, when the clothes are light and thin, the sexy and charming women inadvertently reveal are a great opportunity to show their charm. However, as the temperature rises, you will sweat, and the sweat will take away some nutrients, which makes many women suffer from the embarrassment of smaller breasts. So, how should women's breasts be maintained in summer? Next, the editor will take you to understand the four rules of breast maintenance for women in summer. 1. Deep nourishment Deep nourishment is the foundation of breast beauty. Any rough and dry skin will make us lack beauty. To have perfect breasts, solving dryness is the key. In addition to carefully choosing moisturizing body lotion or breast cream for breast care after each bath, women should also take special care of their nipples during their menstrual period, because it will be drier at this time, and more breast milk should be applied if necessary. Apply body lotion several times to moisturize. 2. Whitening and brightening Whitening and brightening are the second most important tasks for breast beautification. Many women will find that their'>
Four rules for breast maintenance of women in summer
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