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how to choose shapewear

by:Tengfei     2023-05-22

How to Choose Shapewear: What You Need to Know

Shapewear has gained significant popularity over the years as people desire to look slimmer and toned. Shapewear serves as a quick-fix to your body shape, creating the illusion of a slender silhouette. However, choosing the right one can be a daunting task, with so many options available in the market. In this article, we discuss how to choose the perfect shapewear for your body type, without sacrificing on comfort.

Understand Your Body Shape

Before you embark on your shapewear shopping journey, it's essential to understand your body type. Every body type requires different types of shapewear to get the desired results. Do you have a muffin top, love handles, or bulging belly? Are you pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped? Do you want to smoothen out lumps and bumps, or do you want to create a more defined waistline? These are some questions that you need to ask yourself and determine your body shape. Once you know what you want, it is easier to choose the right shapewear.

Choose the Right Size

One of the biggest mistakes people make while buying shapewear is choosing the wrong size. It's crucial to get the right size to ensure that the shapewear does not cause discomfort or bulges. In most brands, shapewear sizes are close to regular clothing sizes, but it's always good to do a measurement of your waist and hips to compare with the size chart. If you fall between two sizes, choose the larger one, so that the shapewear does not squeeze your body too tightly.

Select the Right Compression Level

Shapewear comes in different compression levels, ranging from light to strong. The level of compression that you need depends on the results you desire. If you want to smoothen out slight bulges and bumps, go for light to medium compression. If you want a more defined and slimmer waistline, choose a higher compression level. However, it's important to note that higher compression levels may be uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Consider the Fabric

Shapewear fabric comes in different materials, such as cotton, nylon, spandex, and latex. It's essential to select a fabric that feels comfortable against your skin and does not cause irritation. Cotton is good for sensitive skin, while spandex and nylon offer more stretch and compression. Latex is known for its high compression properties, but some people may find it too uncomfortable to wear.

Choose the Right Style

Shapewear comes in different styles, such as full-body suits, tummy control shorts, high waisted briefs, and bodysuits. The style you choose is dependent on the area you want to target. If you want to smooth out your midsection and love handles, go for tummy control shorts or high waisted briefs. If you want to slim your thighs and butt, choose a full-body suit or a bodysuit.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right shapewear can do wonders for your body shape, but it's important to select the right product for your body type, size, and comfort level. By following the tips discussed in this article, you can find the perfect shapewear that will enhance your natural curves and leave you feeling confident in any outfit. Remember, the best shapewear is one that makes you feel comfortable and supported all day long.

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