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Tips for choosing one-piece underwear Tengfei Technology

by:Tengfei     2022-12-29
Seamless bras are also called one-piece bras. They are made of microfiber materials, and are formed in one piece from the cups to the shoulder straps. They are seamless and leave no traces. It is not easy to expose the embarrassment of the steel ring. The smooth wavy edges show a feminine curve. The picture, while lifting the breasts, eliminates the pressure of the cups on the breasts, and can be matched with various outerwear with peace of mind. These advantages make the one-piece bra more and more popular and favored by female consumers. So in daily life, how should women correctly screen out the one-piece seamless bra set that suits them? Yanbu Factory shares some common sense with everyone, and eliminates some erroneous views that everyone will be surprised at ordinary times. First of all, it is not recommended to choose a thicker breast pad when choosing a one-piece bra. Nowadays, many plump seamless bras on the market have thick pads for their appearance, which will actually compress the fat in the chest. The chest fat is squeezed away to the sides, which will lead to the shape of the chest in the long run, and even the reaction of the auxiliary breasts under the armpit. Secondly, when choosing a one-piece bra, you must pay attention to the fact that the steel ring inside the seamless bra must tighten the bottom of the chest. If the bottom of the bust size is more than 2 cm away from the bottom of the chest, long-term wear will cause the chest to loosen. The cost-effective one-piece bra will add soft rods on the side, forming a double-lock effect with the invisible steel ring, which can prevent fat from being dragged to the sides. Many female customers will encounter the situation that the straps of seamless bras will run up during the daily wearing process, which makes the whole breasts become unsightly and embarrassing. Excessively upward bottom bandages are easy to tighten the muscles, which is not conducive to normal growth. Therefore, when choosing a one-piece bra, consumers must check whether the bottoms of the front and rear panels of the seamless bra are at the same level, and if not, it is not recommended for everyone to buy. The steel rings commonly used in poor-quality one-piece bras are mostly made of rough steel, which is easily corroded and deformed, and the reliability is not strong. It will press the thyroid gland and cause breast disease. Therefore, it is necessary to choose seamless bra products from well-known brands and quality-assured stores. Third, you can't choose a one-piece seamless bra set based on the basic bra size. Different brands, or seamless bra set styles that are not the same as the brand, choose different models and specifications. The size of the same brand will also be different. And with the change of time, people's figure will change every day. Therefore, in this case, it is not very suitable to choose a bra just based on the bust size data. And if you are used to wearing it like that, you will mistakenly think that bras are just like this. One piece of advice from branded seamless underwear manufacturer manufacturers is not to rely too much on the effect of a one-piece bra. Generally, the seamless bra of the gathering style can squeeze the chest groove when wearing it, so as to achieve a firm effect, but too much extrusion of the chest can not make the chest line up in the middle, and women's breasts have a certain effect. One's own natural position and appearance condition, being oppressed too much for a long time or deliberately wearing too small cups are easy to lose weight, and it is not good for one's own health.
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